Suiting + Collars


April 2019

Create a women's jacket 

You will be provided with fabric to create a women's jacket. Enjoy the step by step process of taking a jacket design from sketch, to finished product. Learn tips and tricks for designing jackets for different body types!


I have always had an interest and love for the arts, whether is was in fashion, music, visual arts, dance, etc. Creativity always had my attention. Growing up, I always enjoyed watching my grandmother as she made clothing. 


In 2015 I created Jeoluve Designs Studios. Today, Jeoluve Designs Studios is a women's and men's wear lifestyle brand with mission to produce unique, luxury, quality clothing and accessories.

This course is for anyone who would love to learn the basics of sewing and creating a women's tailored jacket. I have designed this course with beginners in mind, and the principles taught in this course can be applied to a wide variety of jacket designs!

What you'll learn...



Learn about the most often used fabrics in tailored jackets, and what's available locally. There are a wide variety of fabrics that can be used when designing and creating jackets. Some fabrics are suited for the outer fabric and others are suited for the lining of the jacket.



There are many collars to choose from when designing jackets.  Learn about the various types of collars and ruffles that can be used. You will be creating a simple straight collar.


You will learn the about measurements required to make a jacket. You will learn about the standard body size charts as well as how to take measurements correctly on a client. Taking measurements correctly is key to drafting a custom pattern for your client.


Learn how to create a women's jacket pattern and follow the step by step instructions on how to create the patterns. You will create a pattern based on one of the sizes from the standard  body measurement chart.


Learn the key things you must do before you start to sew your garment. Also learn how to sew your jacket together and ensure that everything lines up and the jacket fits well.


Learn the various body types, and certain design elements and details that are flattering for certain body types. 



Discuss the different types of jackets and coats, and the basic principles behind creating their patterns.



Learn various tips and techniques to create beautiful finishes and the perfect fit for your jackets.

How is Suiting + Collars structured?

The course consists of 4 weekly, in-person, 4 hour long group sessions, over the course of 4 weeks. You will be provided with all the fabric required to create a tailored women's jacket. You will also be required to bring certain tools and equipment such as a sewing machine and scissors.

V.|.P Upgrade​

Are you serious about building a beautiful brand? Then upgrade to the VIP program which includes a 1 on 1 session with Jennice and a professional photo shoot with your finished dress. The photoshoot includes professional makeup, venue, and stunning professional photos. During your 1 on 1 session with Jennice you will discuss fashion design, branding and business.

Registration for this course is currently closed!


When are the classes, and how long are they for?

Classes will be held once a week on ___________ from ______pm to _______pm. There will be 4 classes in total over a period of 4 weeks from April 6th to April 27th, 2019. Classes are in-person group classes. 

Where will the classes be held?

Classes will be held at the Rostrevor Hotel, St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church, Barbados. 

Who is this course for? How much sewing knowledge do I need?

It’s for anyone who would love to learn the basics of sewing and creating women's tailored jackets. I have designed this course with intermediates in mind. At the very minimum, anyone taking this course should have basic knowledge of sewing and creating basic patterns.

Will there be homework? Do I need to also spend time at home doing things during the week between classes?

Generally, the course is structured for the majority of  sewing to be done during the class. However, sewing that is not finished during the class would be finished on your own during the week.