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The first step is to search for dress inspiration. Inspiration is everywhere! You can browse my website and Instagram, or you can search the internet, Pinterest and Instagram.



Once you have your inspiration and dress style in mind it’s time to contact me. You can contact me to schedule a bridal consultation or to request a quotationYou can contact me via email or our contact form here.  I would ask you to provide your dress inspiration photos prior to sending you a preliminary quotation or scheduling a consultation.




Once you have received your preliminary quotation and would like to proceed with your custom dress then it's time to have a consultation to further discuss your dress and all the details. Consultations are held in person, or virtually (via Whatsapp or Zoom).


Phone and video consultations are complimentary. In person consultations are $50 (US$), to be paid for prior to the start of the consultation, the cost is then deducted from the final dress payment. After your consultation, you will be sent a quotation showing your final dress design and pricing details.



Dresses start at $5500 USD





Once you are happy with the design and price it's time to order your dress. To order your dress you will sign the dress contract, make your 50% initial payment. 


Ideally, orders should be placed 6 to 12 months before the wedding date. Orders placed less than 6 months are possible depending on your dress style and my schedule. If your wedding is less than 6 months away, please contact me and I would be happy to let you know what is possible within your timeframe.




If you are able to meet me in my studio in Barbados, I will take your measurements.


If you are not able to meet me in my studio in Barbados, I will provide you with a guide for taking your measurements and then you will submit your body measurements online via-email. Many of my brides live overseas and they submit their measurements online.


Once you have ordered your dress, a dress toile will be made to the measurements you submitted. A toile is a mock-up of your wedding dress made with cotton fabric. The purpose of the toile is to ensure that the dress fits your body measurements. If you do not live in Barbados, your toile will be sent to you via FedEX. To see an example of a toile fitting click here.


After you have tried your toile, your dress will go into production in our studio in Barbados. When your dress is completed, you will have a fitting to determine what alterations are required. If like many of my brides, you do not live in Barbados, don’t fear! Your dress can be easily altered by an experienced seamstress/alterations specialist in your area.  I recommend starting your alterations as soon as you receive your dress. Jaye Applewaite does not pay for or assume responsibility for these alterations, these alterations would be a separate cost from the purchase of your dress.




Your final payment (the remaining 50%) is due upon completion of your dress. Once your final payment has been made your dress can be collected or shipped. 




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