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Paige - In loving memory of mom

In loving memory of Paige's mom, Jaye transformed her dress into two lovely dresses for Paige's elopement and her wedding ceremony + reception. Watch the video below to experience this beautiful transformation (Video by White Linen).

" Both my dresses are so special to me, as they are both made from my Mother's wedding dress, re-imagined by the incredible Jaye Applewaite "

- Paige


The lace from Paige's mom's dress was carefully removed and then combined with new lace for Paige's two 'new' dresses. The new laces were carefully selected so that they complimented the shape of the lace from her mom's dress. Two laces were selected for this transformation: a lightly beaded floral lace, and a beautiful heavily beaded French lace. Both laces had leaf shapes that looked similar to her mom's lace.


The elopement dress was inspired by the shape of the lining of her mom's dress, and it was made from the same skirt as her mom's dress.


The ceremony dress was inspired by the top of her mother's dress, especially the the sheer overlay with the beaded lace detail on the shoulder.


Paige knew that she wanted someone who was very skilled and capable of transforming her mother's dress; someone who was very experienced with wedding dresses, and would be able to work with the delicate fabrics and laces. She also wanted to find someone who understood her vision and could design and create stunning dresses perfect for the vision she had for her elopement and wedding.

Her maid-of-honour highly recommended Jaye Applwaite, and Paige immediately fell in-love with Jaye's aesthetic, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. She knew that Jaye was the perfect person to transform her mother's dress.

Elopement Photos: White Linen


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