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Shakira & Kevin

Shakira and Kevin were married in June 2019, in beautiful Barbados. We chatted with Shakira about her wedding dress experience and here is what she had to say...

Why Jaye Applewaite?

When I began my search for wedding dresses I came across Jaye's Instagram page. Two scrolls in and I knew I had found the perfect person to create my wedding dress! The beauty and elegance in each dress was superb. No dress was alike. And I loved that. Each bride I saw on her page and website was absolutely gorgeous. And to be perfectly honest, when I saw her page I didn't bother to look any further ... Jaye was it for me. I had to have one of her dresses!!

What was it like working with Jaye? 

A DREAM! I remember calling her from my desk at work. Very nervous. Unsure of how to communicate my ideas or exactly what I wanted. But her friendly tone was enough to ease the nerves and I was somehow able to muster up the words to portray my vision. She was able to capture it exactly as I envisioned.

"I spent days looking at the sketch she sent me, simply in awe."

When it was time for fittings she was always on point. Talked me through the process. I really couldn't have asked for better. She was there and even on the wedding day she helped me dress. She took absolute care of me. I didn't know what to expect but I was absolutely blown away by Jaye. 

How did you feel when you saw your completed dress at final fitting /collection? 

I know every bride probably says this. But my dress was /is the most gorgeous wedding gown there is. When I saw the final look I had to act as though I were holding it together but in fact I really wanted to weep. Which I did in the car. I was overcome with awe. Asking myself how did she do this? This is not possible. But it was. Even thinking of it now brings a tear to my eye. The sketch given at the beginning of the process  was one thing but to physically see and touch the completed work was simply amazing. A feeling I can't truly describe.

"The details were perfect! "

The intricate lace details on the bodice, skirt, train, and cathedral veil were perfect! Akin to one continuous pattern as though they came exactly like that on the material. But I knew better. Jaye did all the lace placement by hand. Every piece of lace was positioned and stitched by Jaye.

"The fit was everything!"

My gown was like second skin. It was extremely comfortable. There was no excess of material to make it bulky. It fit as though it were made exactly for my body! My dress was very light weight and airy.

How did you feel on your wedding day? 

The most highly anticipated day of my life and I was a big ball of nerves. But I felt calm because Jaye was there to assist with my dressing. After I was completely dressed I walked straight pass the mirror... Jaye stops me and asks did you see how you looked?. When i said no, she marches me back to the mirror.

"And all I could do was stare.. My mind couldn't grasp the vision in front of me when compared the woman I was accustomed to seeing."

It was an emotional moment. Then my thoughts went directly to my husband to be and I thought oh man he's going cry when he sees me.

 "I felt like a Queen. I became a Queen."

What were your guest reactions/ comments? 

My favorite memory was not a comment but a physical reaction when I exited the car. 

Mouths dropped open. Everyone seemed mesmerized. These are just a few comments from my guests...

"You look amazing/gorgeous! " 

"Your dress is absolutely gorgeous!" 

"That fit is everything" 

"You're stunning" 

"I see why you wanted a dress by Jaye" 

Any final thoughts /comments? 

Honestly, I would change nothing that I experienced. I have absolutely no regrets. And to any bride who is looking for the perfect one of a kind custom dress I would HIGHLY recommend Jaye Applewaite. She will guarantee that you are comfortable and that your dress perfectly reflects you! Your dress!

Dress and Veil : Jaye Applewaite

Photographer: Jason Prescod Photography

Wedding Planning and Decor: Whirlwind Events by Leigh


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